Since back-in-the-day, Justin Luchter has been involved with many aspects of sound production, from recording impromptu plays on the family Wollensak reel-to-reel as a tot, to soldering together his first synthesizer at age 13. After audio school, he went on to mix live shows at venues such as Maxwell's in Hoboken, NJ and WFMU's Live Music Faucet. At Paul Wickliffe's well-regarded multiple SSL facility, Skyline Studios, Justin worked as assistant engineer with artists such as James Brown, Diana Ross, and David Byrne. After teaming up with producer and former client "Sushi" Kosugi, he became chief engineer at Kosugi’s Beat on Beat Studios, whose clients included video game company SEGA (Sonic the Hedgehog) and Japanese mega-stars SMAP!


In the early-Modern Internet era, Justin became an early-adopter of digital recording technology and opened Control Central Productions, a digital editing suite designed for clients who had no way of editing their digital tape. When the opportunity arose to join forces with up-and-coming Internet media company Templar Studios as chief engineer and sound designer, it was a perfect fit. For Templar, Justin has composed and sound-designed for clients including HBO (The Sopranos; Game of Thrones), LG; Domino’s, Cartoon Network, and Sony Pictures, and has become known for his scores for Bionicle, the popular LEGO online game. 

He has also composed original scores for several NYC-based contemporary dance choreographers.